About the SIQE smart watch SL1 operation description

Smart Watch SL1 manual 01

The SL1 Package included: one gift box, one user manual, one smart watch, and one charging cable.

 How to charge: open the USB lock,and insert the charge cable to the right position.

Smart Watch SL1 manual 02

How to use insert sim card: First insert the needle to the hole of the sim card slot, then the slot is out. And put the sim card to the right side of the slot. Please find the photo as below for reference.

Note: this product support GSM 2G network with NANO card, and support ROM up to 64GM.

Smart Watch SL1 manual 03

How to use it:

Power on/off button: long press power for power on/off, short press for back the home screen. And the screen is on or off accordingly if short press again.

How to choose previous or next step: Firs click the function options per needs. Left-slide for back to previous menu, and right-slide for next menu.

How to choose dial plate: there are 3 dial plates, and it chased automatically according to different situations. One is for standby, one for walking, one for running. Also, you can choose the dial plate per your like, just follow the steps “setting—automatically choose dial plates-close”, and click the middle of the dial plate for choosing next one.

Status Bar: pull-down from the standby state screen.

Upper icons are signal guide, Bluetooth situation, battery status.

Top left corner is ,click for “ring-vibrate-mute”

Top right corner is APP QR code, user scan it and download “Fundo” App from website.

Bottom left corner is light option, and adjust it per needs.

Bottom right corner is the Bluetooth icon, click it for open or close.

Smart Watch SL1 manual 04

Pedometer: up-slide for showing today steps, and there are steps, distance, completed percent data. Click the middle of the screen to set target step. Then left-slip for the data statistics of current week. Step counting is open for 24 hours daily, and the data would be saved as record in 12:00pm, then refresh and start from 0.

Smart Watch SL1 manual 05

Sleep monitor: up-slide for moving to sleep monitor screen, and there shows 3 data totally which is sleep total time, deep sleep time, light sleep time. The left photo below is the target sleep, click it for setting target sleep time, and left-slide for total sleep time in current week.

Smart Watch SL1 manual 06

Heart rate test: up-slide for monitoring heart rate screen, and click it to start, click it again to stop. And another clicks for history record, it shows max data, average data, and minimum data of each test.

Smart Watch SL1 manual 07

Blood pressure, Up-slide one more time into blood pressure monitor, click start to measure, after the result come out tap into history menu, slide right to return.

 Air-pressure, stopwatch, compass: upper-slide for air-pressure screen, it can show current air pressure data via inner air-pressure sensor.

Smart Watch SL1 manual 08

Notification: right-slide from the standby screen, then you can see the notification. You can see it with full-screen showed when click it.

Smart Watch SL1 manual 09

Multi-sport: left-slide from the standby screen for multi-sport mode screen. And the click the right side for other function options.

If choose “Run”, the GPS option would be open automatically. There is one positioning icon shinning for sourcing GPS signal. If locates successfully, the icon would be changing with black color, also your moving trail would be saved automatically. Right-slide for entering trail, then up-slide for sport data in details, right-slide for ending sport screen, and confirm whether you need save the sport data or not. Pls note that if you do sports inside door, no need to open GPS function for saving power.

Smart Watch SL1 manual 10

● Data transmission: download “FunDo” to mobile phone, after the connection is successful, All the data of Pedometer, heart rate, sleep monitor, multi-sport can be transmitted to the mobile terminal. Some data needs to be manually synchronized.


As the Bluetooth protocol is different between all the mobile phone brands. Sometimes the Bluetooth connection will be instability between mobile phone and smart watch. Please turn off the Bluetooth, then reconnect. If the smart watch stops working, please press the power key for 10 seconds to restart the smart watch.
Connection smart watch to Cellphone: first download APP called FunDo to mobile phone and installation it. There are 2 ways as below;

  • 1. iPhone and Android phone: scan the QR code as below to download “FunDo” APP.
  • Smart Watch SL1 manual 11 

2. Android mobile phone: search “FunDo” in Google play and download it,

   iPhone:  Search “FunDo” in Apps Store and download it.

 When the installed is complete, open the “FunDo” and turn on Bluetooth of mobile phone. The FunDo will enable the notification prompt and click OK. Click More on the bottom right corner, click “Connect the Watch”, and then click “Search” on the bottom right corner, then search L1 and click connection. when the BT logo is bright white on the drop-down menu, it means the connection is successfully. After that, go to watch main menu-Bluetooth-Search new device-Tips that you connected with cell phone-click OK to pair both watch and cell phone ends, then both Bluetooth 3.0 and 4.0 connection done, all the functions are able to work.

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