Three important functions of the smart band

The smart band is often embedded in multifarious functions, which from the appearance to the function is constantly increasing the key points for catering to the customer. But for some users who have real sports requirements, the three functions should be seen mainly when selecting the smart bracelet.

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SIQE’s Smart Band SQ7

1.Exercise monitoring

All smart bracelets have a step count function. But the accuracy of the steps depends on the combination of hardware and software. There are many professional knowledge points involved, and few people can understand the hardware parameters given by the merchants. Moreover, most of them will not be copycats, which will generally be kept secret to specific models of hardware. So, it’s not going to be very detailed here. Interested people can also check the relevant information and learn about the model of the accelerometer used by the smart bracelet.

If you are an average office worker, there are more light games for walking and running, so you can choose business-oriented smart bracelet, which tends to pay more attention to social communication and communication. There will be call reminders, information reminders (SMS/SNS information), long sitting reminders, etc. If you are a sports fitness enthusiast, you will be involved in many types of sports. Then you can choose a smart bracelet with multi-motion monitoring mode. This kind of hand ring belongs to the type of partial motion, the related hardware configuration will also be higher. Prices will naturally be more expensive.

2. Heart rate monitoring

Whether you exercise or not, there should be some concern about your heart rate. In addition to common workplace ailments, urban office workers begin with many other serious illnesses. Heart rate can not only predict the occurrence of heart disease, but also predict whether to overdo it. Heart rate is an important reference value for people who love to exercise. Because the formula calculated by heart rate can estimate the amount of exercise and exercise intensity of a person. Moreover, aerobic exercise can be achieved in the setting of the heart rate interval, which can achieve a considerable fat burning effect.

3.Sleep monitoring

The sleep monitoring of a smart band can record a person’s sleep duration and waking hours, and analyze the depth of sleep. This function of the smart bracelet is useful for people who often stay up late to work overtime. There are still many shortcomings. For example, only the data and trend graphs are given on the APP, although users know that the quality of their sleep is bad, but they don’t know how to improve it. If the user’s data can be combined with the advice to help users improve their sleep, this will greatly improve the actual application frequency and application value of this feature. It is believed that in the future development, the smart bracelet will continue to improve and improve.

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SIQE’s Smart band SQ9


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