What kind of wristband would be favorite in 2017?

In 2017, for the basic function of the smart band, the step counter is not enough, we need more health data record build in.

❶Heart rate, blood pressure monitor

 SQ9 Heart rate

Most of our activities are aim to achieve a weight loss and enhance the muscle. During your exercise, if you know your heart rate in real time, then you can adjust the intensity of the current motion according to your heart rate. This can achieve an effective sport movement, and with half the effort.
SQ9 Blood Pressure

So, if a good smart band can also measure blood oxygen levels and blood pressure, which will give you a better analysis of the health.

The SQ9 sport wristband can detect these parameters, and the heart rate data can be detected during the exercise, and can be used to decide whether to speed up or slow down the sport games.

❷Monitoring for sleep, fatigue and other health conditions

Based on the detection of health recorded data, a good smart band can generally analyze the sleep situation and whether it is tired today, which can be predict the state of the body.
Smart Band SQ9 1

❸Excellent waterproof and comfortable to wear

 If you reach the level of IP67, you will be able to adapt well to washing your hands, sweating, and even swimming. The SQ9 waterproof grade is IP67.

For you wearing comfortable, it is best to choose a smart band that fits the shape of the wrist, using soft silicone or rubber
Smart Band SQ9

So, did you know what kind of smart band you want in 2017?

Smart Band SQ9


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Post time: Sep-28-2017
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